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At the heart of what I do is my desire for all humans to be their happiest and most successful - so that they can shine their brightest in the world.  

The recent trend of draining working ways, compromising lifestyle choices and external pressures are causing many of us to lose our shine. Consequently, our  generation is starting to want more, something different. I know I certainly did. And that's why I'm here to help.


So, how the heck did I get here, and why is it relevant to YOU?

You can read more about my story below....

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My Story

Created in 1987, I'm a millennial. That much studied, epic change-making generation who knew life before the internet and played with pogs but grew up with dial-up, Snake and saw the selfie addiction explode.


I grew up in a "working class" town in the north of England. I had a sound start in life, but I knew I wanted more - I was hungry to create a "successful" life for myself. Throw into the mix a desire to create justice in the world, some inspo from Ally McBeal, studies, hustle, smiles and tears - I proudly qualified as a lawyer. I was eager to learn and work hard in order to achieve my ambition of becoming a Partner and a female leader.


Fast forward after six years of corporate office legal life with many professional "attainments" under my belt and life goals ticked (nice apartment, Rolex watch)  my professional enthusiasm had diminished, my sense of purpose had gone and my personal shine  had disappeared. I started to think, what's wrong with me? I had everything I had sought and yet felt, kinda empty....

More of the "before"...

I felt trapped, overworked, undervalued and like I was trying to fit in with society's expectations of success because rather than doing the things that really fulfilled me. Sure, I had a good life and I was very grateful for the opportunities I had. But even my social life left me feeling burnout and disconnected at times! It got to a point where I knew I needed to make a change, so I took a bold leap - I quit my career and the life I had created (after much turmoil, planning and saving) and went on an amazing travel adventure. Those travels enabled me to claim the space I needed to peel off the layers I'd built up, explore the real me and then create a new way for myself.  There have been ups and downs in my journey, but it has all been worth it! The best bit is I now love sharing my journey and the tools I've developed to help others live a nourishing life on their terms.....










I realised I'd been ignoring my soul signs that I was no longer on my right path.  At first, the prospect of doing something about those signs and changing my life felt heavy. I had worked so hard to achieve my success - I didn't want to simply give it all up and start again.  It felt like mission impossible to change all of this around, but I did...

I redesigned what success meant to me, and I started to make decisions that were in alignment  with my truth. Some parts of the journey were much easier than expected once was able to get in tune with myself, and other parts have had their ups and downs. 


And this is now how I help people like you to not only create a life on your terms, but to do it all in a way that leverages what you've already created, your skills and personality to make it work for you. 


My new way of living....

I am currently based between the UK & Bali living a location independent style life, aligned with my passions & values - a life which (on the whole) oozes sunshine, healthy food, creativity, surfing, yoga & all round positive vibes.


I now have so much more freedom in my work and how I live. I'm a remote legal consultant, I have this nourishing coaching biz and I'm a yoga teacher. A far cry from my previous life. The main difference is I now prioritise my wellbeing above all else - something I have realised is one of my precious values.


I'm so very grateful for what I have been able to create and the worldly opportunities we have. However I am "human" and not everyday is "paradise" - my journey continues and I learn, grow and develop everyday. I love sharing my lessons with my clients and tribe.

I'd love to connect with you on Instagram or Facebook, as I share regularly about what I'm up to. 


Thank you and have an amazing day!

Lauren Kay 

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